Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy aids the patient in regaining the strength and coordination to be successful in functional mobility for everyday tasks. Therapists can focus on one area where there has been an injury, or focus on improving whole body mobility. This includes, but is not limited to, strengthening exercises, ultrasound, stretching, balance improvement, and massage.

Speech Therapy

Yellow Leaf Services are available for patients that do not qualify for therapy services through their insurance, but would still like to strengthen their minds and bodies. We offer the following programs:

    •    Physical Exercise
    •    Cognitive Exercise
    •    Companionship (conversation, games, puzzles, reading, walking, etc.)
    •    Massage

If the patient becomes eligible for insurance-covered therapy, they will be immediately transitioned to our traditional therapy programs.

Speech language pathology assists the patient in regaining the ability to communicate effectively. Therapists also work one on one with the patient to recommend diet modifications and techniques to improve safe and independent meals. Birchwood therapy services is currently searching for an energetic individual to fill this position.

Physical Therapy

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Yellow Leaf Services

Occupational therapy helps the patient regain the skills needed for activities of every day living. These activities include, but are not limited to, eating, dressing, and personal hygiene. While improving on these skills, the occupational therapist also assists the patient in developing adaptive ways to perform these tasks as needed, as well as improving overall strength, safety and independence.